A Kitchen in Memphis Style

Task: In the 1980s the “Memphis” design revolution, characterized by oblique shapes and brilliant colors, replaced the until-then predominant Bauhaus functionality and was now been taken up again by our customers. Despite these extravagant designs, however, it was important to consider the storage space suitability and the robustness of the kitchen in terms of space capacity for everyday use.

Challenge: to visually combine the different colors, patterns and shapes as covered. This is especially demanding in the “Memphis” style. A further challenge here was the confluence of the Essund cooking area so as to fully utilize the standing space.

Solution: the kitchen was built out of RESOPAL® laminate, av ery resistant material thanks to several paper bands, kern and decorative paper which are impregnated with resin and compressed under heat as well as high pressure. A clear advantage of this laminate is that it allows for the use of printed papers as well as of unusual colors and patterns. Another strength of this material is that it is impact-, scratch- and abrasion-, as well as heat and light- et al resistant, and easy to clean.

The dining and cooking areas were cleverly combined by the kitchen island, which was placed inside the room. The desired storage space is made possible by the cleverly extendable pullout units at the front and back of the island. A “Memphis Style” Kitchen is thus eye-catching, where functionality is not neglected.