kuechentraume_bartelt_frankfurt_kitchen_cooker_2The best materials
We work solely with high-end manufacturers that from experience we know will meet your and our expectations and demands. Key criteria here include design and quality, functionality and durability.


A Smooth Interplay between Materials and Appliances
Functionality is the key to a dream kitchen. In order to ensure it, we select the best of all possible components for you. And we are able to guarantee this due to our long-standing experience and large network of high-end, well-known vendors. We ensure, for instance, that the granite countertops are custom-fit to the wall and adjusted to the corpus.


kuechentraume_bartelt_frankfurt_kitchenEasy Cleaning
Cleaning kitchens is often laborious, time-consuming and, when it comes to appliances, occasionally not that easy. We therefore pay attention during the planning phase to ensure that we only use such surfaces and utensils as are easy to clean. We therefore recommend BORA range hoods, for instance, where three movable parts can be easily taken apart without any tools and then put into the dishwasher. It can’t be any easier.


kuechentraume_bartelt_frankfurt_kitchen_range_hood_2The freedom of planning
As individual as a person is, so are his needs and ideas for his dream kitchen individual. Whether cooking in front of the kitchen window or under a sloped ceiling, without a disturbing range hood, kitchen island or preferably a spacious storage room: We put your kitchen together so that it is perfect for YOU. For us, each kitchen is unique.


kuechentraume_bartelt_frankfurt_kitchen_exclusiveAn effective use of space
Each room is unique due to its layout. Whether large or small, we can find an effective and efficient solution. Whether a corner- or pull-out cabinet for the innermost niche – we’ll exploit its given dimensions for the most optimal price-benefit ratio.


kuechentraume_bartelt_frankfurt_kitchen_exclusive_metallisePlanning of the Ergonomic Kitchen
What is important to us is people-focused planning. Only an individually planned kitchen can guarantee sound and comfortable kitchen work. Anatomically designed working height and small, well-thought-out distances allow for more fun when preparing and cooking. We always keep the client in focus.


kuechentraume_bartelt_frankfurt_kitchen_exclusive_2High-quality assembly
Only when properly installed can the best kitchen furniture and appliances fulfill their purpose. A professional installation ensures that the consequent interplay between kitchen appliances and furniture works perfectly. For this very reason we have established our own, well-proven installation team. You can trust our kitchen experts and you can make the best decision based on their longtime experience.


kuechentraume_bartelt_frankfurt_kitchen_2You can count on us before and after your purchase.
One doesn’t often in life make such a big investment as buying a new kitchen! It’s important to us that we advise and serve you throughout the entire buying process. We are also there for you afterwards. Should you require assistance, we will be glad to help.