kuechentraume_bartelt_frankfurt_kitchen_showroom_2For over 50 years, we have lived up to our claim: detail plus individuality is excellence. Our kitchens are as individual and unique as the people who live, eat and having parties in them. Because the kitchen is the soul of the modern home.

We take our time – solely for you. We would be glad to visit you at home for a first consultation or advise you in our show room. An individual plan of your kitchen is developed from the exact measurements of your premises and a personal consultation, carried out at length and in detail.

When it comes to kitchen furniture and appliances, we recommended only well-known, high-quality manufacturers who for many years have verifiably produced the quality that you expect and that we demand from our vendors.
The proper combination of appliances as well as the interplay of materials makes your kitchen a unique experience.

Our experienced team creates your complete kitchen with the utmost precision. Having our own carpentry shop, we can cater to every little detail and fulfill demanding expectations. Because when everything is in the right place and working smoothly, cooking becomes a true experience and pure pleasure. Thus, for instance, handle-free cabinets may open with a whiff of the fingertips.

As part of our services in delivering your new kitchen we will, in no hurry, explain the workings of all new appliances. You will see how even the quick yet gentle preparation of a vegetable stir-fry, still including all its vitamins, is a pleasure.
An even greater pleasure will be your first dinner with family and friends in your new kitchen, made by Bartelt.