Where room and communication have space to perform 

Task: large premises were available. The kitchen was to be airy and harmoniously integrated within this space, featuring a simple, stylish and elegant design. A dining area, to also function as bar, was also desired.

Challenge: The room was missing a wall with which to adequately put together the kitchen. Yet it was also necessary to preserve its spaciousness.

Solution: first a free-standing wall was enacted, supported by modern metal posts in sequence. In order for the kitchen to retain the airiness and hence the ease of the space, the cabinets were mounted free-standing on a partition wall. The floating visuals were achieved through the artful collision of different elements, allowed by the kitchen island. The depth of the space is thus preserved so that handle-free, high-gloss mirrored covers were used. Thanks to the built-in countertop cooker hood, eye contact is not disturbed. Communication is now possible – and the island can also be used as a bar. Since only steel was used as a countertop material, hot pots and pans can be turned off without a hitch after cooking on the worktop and dirt easily removed. Not for nothing is this kitchen named “Unique”.