The quality of a kitchen starts with well-thought-out and individual planning and ends with a professional installation. Both can of course be carried out by experienced professionals. Since 1982 Uwe Bartelt has been director of the company he inherited from his father. His views of details and his at times unconventional ideas for planning and solving complicated issues distinguishes him from the rest.


Jonathan Bartelt completed his carpentry apprenticeship in 2012. He has inherited an eye for aesthetics from his father. He already presented evidence of this, among other things, in his apprenticeship. His “journeyman’s piece” (thesis work) was awarded 1st place by the Cabinetmakers’ Guild of Frankfurt in “The good form” competition. His fresh and innovative ideas when putting plan into practice always yield rich gains. In 2016, he succesfully absolved his study as kitchen expert adviser at the “Fachschule des Möbelhandels” (industrial college of furniture production) in Cologne.

Master carpenter Klaus Sauerteig has been Kuchenträume Bartelt’s installation manager for many years. What distinguishes is the precise attention he pays during assembly. Thanks to his craftsmanship, we can guarantee an unequalled accuracy in the installation of our kitchens.